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Pay a visit to the best dentist in Colombo for your Dental Check-ups! Dental check-ups are usually an appointment made with your dentist for an examination of your mouth at regular intervals, aimed at ensuring healthy teeth and gums. Even if you brush twice a day and eat healthy, you should still visit your dentist regularly to spot any problems early, such as dental decay, gum disease or oral cancer. Prevention is always better than cure!

During the check-up visit you will go through a thorough examination of the mouth and your oral health status will be explained to you in detail with a customized treatment plan if needed. You may require X-rays to check for hidden problems.
At the end, we will advise how often you should have a dental check-up based on your current dental health and risk. A dental checkup is usually recommended once in 6 months under normal conditions.

What is a dental emergency?

The problem you are experiencing may or may not be too bad as you think it might be, and we need to decide if it can wait until you can be seen for an appointment with your Dentist in the next couple of days.

If, you have a chipped or cracked tooth, or pain and swelling is present then that is an emergency. In case the fracture is very painful and has resulted in some sharp fragments that causes you a problem inside of your mouth, then that is a dental emergency too. But if the tooth is chipped and does not cause you any pain, then that is not a real emergency. Please call us to find out if that it is likely a dental emergency and we may be able to further assist you with advise on pain control etc, until you are seen by the dentist.

What is an abscessed tooth?

An abscessed tooth/ Dental Abscess is known to be a real dental emergency because, having a dental abscess and neglecting it, can potentially become a life-threatening condition.

There is a pocket of pus in the tooth that has led to an infection. A tooth abscess can also cause fever, tenderness or a persistent toothache, that is unbearable.

This condition is an emergency because the infection can spread quickly into your jaw area and surrounding tissue and even to other areas of the head and neck region. You could rinse your mouth with a little saltwater several times, before you actually visit the dentist. That will reduce the pain. Besides, it draws the pus to the surface.

Our tips for you

Dental emergencies are never an experience one wants to go through. There are ways to prevent them. Apart from diligent oral hygiene practices, It’s essential to arrange and then stick to your routine check-ups with your dentist. During your check-up visits, we routinely check for any loose fillings or crowns and further check for signs of decay, infection, or gum disease.

We can create your personal customized treatment plan to address these problems before they reach the stage of becoming a dental emergency.

In spite of a comprehensive dental hygiene routine, dental emergencies can still happen. Time is of the essence if you’re dealing with an emergency. Getting help fast will prevent the situation from getting worse.

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